Anyone who knows me in the real world, knows that I am a bit of a freak when it comes to Halloween. I love everything about it - the cheesy fake spider webs, the tacky costumes, the smell of rotting pumpkins! I love anything crazy, creepy and spooky - in fact, the more spooky the better! 

And what's spookier than terrifying vampire bats?!

NOTHING. That's what. 

See what I mean? Spine-chilling. 

Last year I spent the majority of October making toy pumpkins, so this year I decided to focus on bats! Whilst I would have loved to spend this month making beautiful 3D bats to festoon my house, I couldn't really justify that - so instead I made bat bunting out of felt and metallic gold thread! 

They came out super cute, whilst at the same time being bone-chilling and terrifying to the core of your very being. 

These fly boys have joined the rest of my strange handmade Halloween decorations. In the last few years, we've toned down on the kooky plastic skeletons and bio hazard tape, and instead enjoyed bright red walls, antiques and a darkly visual sense of humour. There's always room for pumpkins though, no matter what.