Rock n Roll Pigs

One of the best things about making tiny toys is definitely being able to experiment and play around with them easily. If the prototype works out, then it's roses all round, but if not - no problem, barely any materials or time wasted. Having the freedom to be able to play around with ideas is one of the highlights of doing what I do. 

Another highlight is definitely being able to work from home - and that includes rocking business pyjamas, flexible work hours and being free to play my playlist as loud as I feel like. I'm into a lot of different kinds of music, but having grown up in the late nineties and early noughties I cut my teeth on the genres that needed two words or more to sum them up - 'emo screamo', 'pop punk' and 'new wave metal'. Looking back any further than that, and the rock music of the decades before was so closely intwined with the image, you can't escape the idea of mohawks, safety pins and black leather. 

Meet Pattie, Iggy and Ramone - three little pigs with big personalities and even bigger hair. They're bright, energetic and ready to party! I used my micro pig pattern, partnered with a really bold zigzig fabric in gradients of purple and electric pink. I added mohawks made of felt, and embroidered make up across the faces. Lastly, I used metal rings to make earrings and nose rings for them. 

I designed them as a set to be part of a give away on the Patchwork Toad facebook page. The three little pigs were lucky enough to go to three winners, one stayed in Cambridge but two ended up being shipped off to New Zealand! 

Like they say, 'punk's not dead!'