Violet Dreams

I love purple. It's a beautiful colour, ranging from full bodied plum all the way to cool and collected violet. Lavender, lilac, royal purple, it's an incredible tone to use in nearly any project but there's one small problem... beautiful purple fabric is hard to find, and even harder to match up. 

You wouldn't think it's a problem usually, but it comes down to tone - purple can be warm, it can be pale, it can be cold. No two purple fabrics are ever the same, and it's the colour I have the least of in my stash. With this in mind, this next pint-sized project was a little bit of a pickle... 

This little purple penguin is one of my Teeny Toy Toys, a tiny version of my regular sized toys. It's got some handstitched and machine stitched elements, and I ended up using 'cool' purple fabrics with touches of ice blue and lilac in them - which makes sense, penguin and all. 

I love my micro penguin design, I think it's so sweet and so appealing - I just wanna pick it up and snuggle it, put it safe in my pocket and carry it around with me. The only downside with this design is it has a few fiddly bits of sewing that make it the longest micro designs to make at the moment. I'm looking into ways to streamline it - potentially by changing the design of the face, but it's all in testing stage at the moment. 

I'm also hoping to starting working on some other micro animal designs soon, but I need some time to get them ready to show, even at the prototype stage. Until then, enjoy the sight of a perky little penguin playing on a palm!