Encircled with Love

I love making bunting, it's always a lovely departure from my animals. I've been playing with a few new techniques, including a rolled binding along the top of the pennants. It's a nice little pattern that just looks amazing, and feels even better to sew. 

This bunting was made for a newborn little boy, for his nursery room. The client wanted the colours to be shades of blue, but to be theatrical and enriched with a sense of narrative and history. We wanted them to be beautiful as an object, and beautiful as a concept. 

There's a number of things from this bunting that I love, but the most prominent feature is definitely the colours! Absolutely stunning shades of tropical blue, tinged with starry nights and warm lagoons of sea-green and teal. These colours are rich and luxurious, like sipping into a warm bath. I could look at them all day... 

The decision to make the bunting double barrelled was a practical one, as the phrase was long and was suited better compacted. The choice to highlight the words in gold, and compliment them with tiny gold stars at the join of each flag was another feature I thoroughly enjoyed playing with. 

Those stars will look down on that little boy, growing up encircled with love.