Just Shoot Me!

I have a little confession to make: I am not comfortable in front of the camera! 

Okay, not really a big deal, I know! Usually whenever someone points a camera at me, my reaction is to pull a stupid face, burst out laughing or turn into a velociraptor. I'll be honest, that approach usually works for me too! Only, I don't think anyone wants to see my raptor face next to my bio in my 'About Me' section! 

In fact, my first Profile picture looked like this...  

Yeah, I know. Simple, yet brilliant. It really captured my right side, didn't it? The light really brought out the colour in my eyes... okay, yes, I know. But I liked it, so this stuck around for a while. 

Then I revamped the entire website, and with that came the need for a new Profile picture. Ideally this time with my actual face in it. This was also around the same time I was making my appearance more 'normal' so my bubblegum pink had turned into bleach blonde and dip dye. One of my friends did that photo set for me, and we had a lot of fun doing it, but he kept telling me I either looked bored or manic. Turns out smiling on demand isn't something I do well when there's a lens pointed at me! Hello raptor teeth... 

So how did we solve this problem? Turns out I look a lot better when I'm laughing, I'm willing to bet pretty much everyone looks great when they laugh. My friend started asking me rude questions, and turning everything into a dirty innuendo, and during the middle of a particularly bad story about a mutual friend this happened...

Not so bad! I kept this one for a few years, and got busy with getting back behind a sewing machine and making toys. I also got to stay firmly behind the camera, pointing it at my little creations and not at myself. That worked very well for me! 

Fast forward another year or so, and I decided to move my website over to the lovely people over at Squarespace and revamp everything - and that includes new photos! Not just for my little animals, but for me too. I wanted to have something a bit more professional but still candid and friendly. My dear friend Simon Jeffery of Spotlight Productions in Cambridge did a series of photographs for me, and I am very excited to share them!

I'm very keen on 'in progress' shots that look like they happen in the studio without you noticing the camera, where you and the artwork almost become one. They have this lovely quality to them, and they are all about the artist and their connection to the work. 

In the end, that is the main focus - it's always what I do, what I make and what I create that's most important to me. I'm just like the sewing machine or the needles, I'm a tool that aids in the finished product. 

My final Profile picture is now up in the Toymaker section, and I'm very happy with it. My friend did a great job, not only taking some lovely pictures but also managing to wrangle a reluctant model into smiling and laughing for him! I wanted to share my favourite shots from the day with you - and trust me, there were some hilarious outtakes! - and in particular the one where I was covered in all my little creatures! 

Everybody loves rainbows!

Everybody loves rainbows!

Lots of love from me and the toys!