Three little troublemakers!

If you've been following my work in the last couple of years, you might have noticed a couple of things. Firstly, that my toys have all been getting smaller in size. Secondly, they've been getting more complex and detailed. Thirdly, I'm totally 100% a cat person. 

I've been trying to make a cat pattern for literally years. It's the one domestic animal pattern I've repeatedly failed at over and over - I just can't get the shape the way I want it. It's a work in progress, at the very least. 

Well, that's little cats anyway. How about big cats? 

Happy to tell you, there's no such problem there. 

I love cats of every size, shape and colour. Don't care if they're big, small, super fluffy- even the weird little hairless ones that look more like a character from Lord of the Rings than a house pet. 

If I could just make cats forever, I'd probably be very happy. I have a particular soft spot for tigers, but anything brightly coloured will always catch my eye. These three little troublemakers have been with me for a little while, still having not found their forever homes. Technically Glitter is a polar bear cub, not a big cat, but we don't hold that against her.  

I decided to take the attitude I have towards my bigger commissions and orders, and apply it to these little weirdoes. I thought with a bit of updating and a little bit of embellishment, maybe I could make them even better than they already are. 

Mars the tiger was easy. All he needed was a flick of embroidered eyeliner and a couple of stripes around the eyes and he was ready to go. He always was a little charmer. Glitter was the same. I have a more updated polar bear pattern these days (very similar to my pandas - watch out for those coming out as Micro toys closer to December) and his tummy down style body matched closer to the big cats. I thought Glitter deserved some new ears, and gave him some super soft ice-white minky to keep them warm, and hand-stitched a little rim of fur around both of his big ears. I also gave him some ice beads across his nose, and added a little iridescent glitter on them - now Glitter can really glitter! 

Castor the teenage lion was the biggest change. A while back, he was sporting a little black mohawk mane, which then was upgraded to a golden lace mohawk. Apparently that still wasn't good enough for this little brat, and he wanted a full on fluffy mane in ridiculously soft faux fur, to match his brand new 'adult' roaring. 

Yeah, sure thing Castor. Don't outgrow your acid green freckles any time soon, you'll break your mother's heart.