Mini Monsters

If you've been following me and my mini monsters for at least a few months, you might remember I went to Horrorcon 2016 this year! It was one of my highlights of the year without question - so many interesting people and costumes, amazing merch and cool stuff, horror celebs... yep, it was a nightmare come true. 

I posted a handful of photos from the event itself, but because of the lighting, I really struggled to show off the depth of colour, texture and [in some cases] scents of the displays and attractions. This also meant that photos of my toys suffered as well. Most of them found their way online already - the skeletons, the werewolves - but there were a few that refused to be photographed at home or at some cute nature scene with moss and ivy. 

Oh no. These little demonic divas wanted to be somewhere dark and dank, with metal and rust and all sorts of atmospheric things like that. So, after months of putting off going outside, here they are:

The unstoppable Terminator, the unflappable Vam-pig and the sadistic Pinhead Pig. 


I really love these little guys. The Terminator was made from this amazing vegan leather I picked up in remnant. It's the easiest thing in the world to cut and sew, and it's cruelty free! I scratched his face out, and patched in a tiny ripped flesh layer, with a shiny silver layer underneath! He even has an attached cyborg eye with a glowing red centre. 

My vampire pigs were a cute design that got a lot of attention when I showed off the concept sketches. They have little tiny teeth, and tiny quilted bat wings with candy fabrics. 

You can just tell that Vampig talks with a lisp. 

'Fear meh'

Last but not least! I made a little Pinhead pig! I wasn't initially going to make any of the more modern horror icons, I was only going to do the classics like Frankenstein's Monster and the Creature [both of which I never got around to...]. Then I found out Doug Bradley was coming as a special guest, and I just had to have a go at making a teeny tiny cenobite. I'll be honest, this was one of hardest pigs to put together. I used real drawing pins to create the spikes, and they look good - but they didn't feel good when you sit on them by accident. True story. 


So I wanted to make some new Halloween pigs to celebrate the best time of year. I came up with a handful of designs I thought would be fun to make, and here they are!

I made a tiny witch pig! She has fabric with stars and a crescent moon, and white wool hair and a tiny felt hat! I appliquéd a tiny cat onto her [not photographed] and gave her a tiny pumpkin to hang out with. I was going to give her a tiny broomstick, but what she would do with it? She's a pig, it's not like she could ride it anywhere. 

After that, I made a glow in the dark pig! I added a hint of green, and a funky acid green mohawk. I was originally going to make a Joker and Harley Quinn pig couple [still saving that one for later...], so I had that green just hanging around committing crimes and getting bad tattoos. He's practically impossible to photograph glowing, but he looks super cool. 

Lastly, I wanted to make a spider pig, but halfway through I was like 'Why don't I just make a spider instead of a pig?' And now I'm half way through a spider and I want to die. Seriously. It's the worst. Firstly, because it's super fiddly, and secondly - because it's a spider! And the more of it I make, the more it looks like a spider. 



So look at these instead!