Imma Peek-At-Chu Skirt!

My friends are getting married! I'm over the moon about it, as they're both very close friends who I love very much, and are very much in love with each other. The wedding itself is going to a wonderful event - not just because it'll be a display of overflowing love and devotion, but because it's also video game themed!

I love video games, but I'm not really a gamer. I like reading about them, watching them, learning about them, but honestly I just don't have the time to actually play them - or finish playing them mostly. There's a handful over the years I've taken to and completed, but generally I lose steam pretty quickly. I usually spend my down time sewing or double tapping, while watching my better half murder zombies and loot things. 

One game I have played - and played all the way through - is Pokemon! I played Pokemon Red on the gameboy colour when it first came out, and I was - like every other kid - obsessed with the pocket monsters. I could name them all - but only up to the first 150. So when our friends told us the wedding was going to be video game themed, and they wanted to dress up in themed costumes I knew my time had come. 

I've been lusting over yellow tartan for a few months now, and really wanted to make myself a yellow tartan high waisted skirt. Then I thought it might be fun to turn my yellow tartan fantasy into an outfit fit for a wedding! 

Whilst drafting out the pattern, I thought it would be fun to play with the angles of the lines in the tartan, maybe a bit of pattern matching? Then looking back at my little electric type muse, an idea hit me. I decided to add a solid black chevron to the bottom of the skirt to suggest Pikachu's jagged lightning bolt tail! Now I could be my own starter pokemon, without all the stress of carrying endless pokeballs and healing potions!

Once complete, I took my new love out for a spin in the gardens of Anglesea Abbey in Cambridgeshire. My dear friend Heather Green (stylist behind the genius of Suitably Scruffy) helped me style it up in perfect seasonal style, and my lovely and long-suffering friend Simon agreed to follow me around snapping pics of me as I tried to channel my inner model and look as pretty as I felt!

Overall I'm completely delighted with the end result. I started with black and white tartan, and ended up with this glorious golden skirt! I drafted the pattern myself, using my measurements around my ribs, waist and hips to create an empire line skirt that hugged into my waist and flared out to flatter my hips. I cut it all on the bias - matching the stripes along the chevron at the bottom, and replacing the stripe with an insert of vegan leather (I adore vegan leather, it's so easy to work with!). 

I designed it to be paired with one of my many elasticated waist belts, with a small lip of the yellow sitting right under my bust line. I also made a twelve piece anti-static underskirt (never again...) to add to the flare, and give it a little bit more weight as I strut around feeling my autumnal vibes! I originally hemmed the edge of the underskirt with a long strip of wrapped golden ribbon to add another layer of colour, but ended up hemming it off - as it puckered a little too much for my taste! 

I am actually in love with this little creation of mine, I've been wearing it nearly everywhere that isn't work! It's the pretty piece to build an outfit around for this time of year - I easily dressed it down with my beat up brown leather Doc Martens, and I've dressed it up with a beautiful thigh high pair of boots and an updo! And - of course - my trusty rainbow tartan scarf, my ultimate accessory! 

I'm very, very tempted to make myself another one in orange, and this time using the vegan leather to mimic the jagged smile of the Jack O Lantern. I'm also tempted to use the last few metres of my tartan wool to make my friend a pair of high waisted skinny trousers with side zips and some crazy additions. I'm also also tempted to make myself a coloured tartan woollen coat with lots of panels of dyed colour, and rough it up ala Vivienne Westwood. 

Only time will tell what will end up bumbling it's way through my machine - but regardless I'm very excited!