Tiny Teddybear Crowns!

One of the best things about drafting and creating toys with their own personalities is being able to listen to them, and get to play dress up. And who doesn't playing dress up? 

More importantly: who doesn't love flower crowns? 

Spoiler alert: everyone. Everyone loves flower crowns. 


I made Belladonna based off an older Victorian teddy bear design, but added a few of my own little elements. I wanted these bears to look classic, but have their own unique style and look. Belladonna has the softest, whitest fur and gentle pastel rainbow fabric. I always thought of her as a fairy bear, and wanted to give her a little something to make her a fairy princess. 

I thought a princess such as Belladonna deserved a throne, but I couldn't make a throne, so instead I made a love-seat swing for her. Despite all the wind, and all the swinging, she never fell off!