One weekend - Two fairs!

So a few weeks ago - back when it was still summery enough to go barefoot - I did the Reach festival and the Milton Country Park Autumn festival. The weekend started with a bump - as I got the days mixed up, and was a whole day early for one, and an hour behind for the other. 

All went well though, and we had a lovely weekend being out with the fine people of Cambridgeshire and battling the wind! The gazebo may have fallen victim to the elements, but the autumnal sun kept us warm all day [the rhuburb gin from the stall behind us may have helped also!]. 

Here's a selection of photos from across the weekend. I'll be posting a few more details of toys I updated too, enjoy!

I don't know if you noticed Bubblegum the unicorn letting the side down in the background of some of the photos. She had to sit on the naughty step, after she fell down one too many times. And by naughty step, I mean she got to sit on my perfectly co-ordinated Moon Fruit skirt and get cuddled!