Inspiration #3

I spend far too much time watching horror movies whilst browsing endlessly through Instagram. More often than not, I see a lot of beautiful content all over the place. Some of it is illustration, fashion, creative fabric work - or even just beautiful colours thrown together. 

I've been saving these lovely little pieces of eye-candy onto my phone for months, and occasionally I scroll through them and just absorb them into my soul. I use little pieces of them to inform an idea in my head, or get inspiration from a certain element from it. Or I just think it's exciting and gorgeous! My phone's running out of space now [why can't you delete pre-loaded apps you don't use?] so I cleaned out my phone onto my desktop. But then I thought - why keep them locked away, when I could share them again? 

So hopefully I'll post things regularly from my stash, in between my personal work updates. I'll include the original poster's details as well - not pretending these are my works, or my photographs! Just enjoying the content, and passing it on. 


I really loved the playful use of solid colours in these. There almost an optical illusion effect to the way the colours cascade through the shades, and create perks and dips in the way the fabric appears. It's almost organic - like a crystal structure inside a stone. 

It's this kind of creativity that makes me love fabric and textile art so much. 

Below is a similar idea, but with complete solid colours in triangles. This one is less organic, but it has a beautiful centre of gravity. It kinda remains me of the Eye of Sauron, but in rainbow fabric. If you're into that kind of thing!