Inspiration #4

It's all wintery now, and I'm missing summer so bad! Mostly because of the sun and warmth, but also because it was easiest to play dress up and float around feeling all cute! I've been working on a few different ideas for new garden skirts to make, to follow up the success of my Moon Fruit skirt, and I thought I would post a couple of the pictures that helped inspire my obsessive love of watermelons this year! 

 I found these two on Studio DIY's amazing website, on their tutorial to make a DIY Floppy Watermelon hat! I've been collecting watermelons of each size and shape [and colour] all year - from note books, to stickers, to duct tape - and I had already seen Unique Vintage's Watermelon skirt online. That, coupled with these two delicious pictures, told me I had to have a go at making my own watermelon skirt! 

Aside from that, I'm almost just attracted to anything rainbow and brightly coloured, and these beautiful photos are a direct line to my heart. I'm still tempted to make this hat for myself for next summer - and I'm even lusting over that adorable ants-at-the-picnic skirt. Might be another project in that too...