The Art and Architecture of Barcelona!

We went to Barcelona! 

I've been with my lovely partner for six years now, and we decided to celebrate by taking ourselves over to the mainland for a lovely mini holiday! We crammed a lot into the five days we were over there - art galleries, churches, tapas bars, parks - and lot of just walking the streets and seeing where we found ourselves. 

We both had a wonderful time, seeing friends and eating everything in sight, and both took a lot of photos to remember all the little details and grand sights we saw. I've broken them up into a few different photosets, as there seemed to be a few different categories they fell into. There also seemed to be a key difference in the way my partner and I take photos - he takes pictures of whole views, architecture and buildings; I take pictures of tiny details and colours.  


My first flight in roughly ten years, and got to see some beautiful views flying in. Found some lovely views just getting to the hotel and waiting on the rooftop bar. 


The amazing food market La Boqueria. Spent a couple of lunch times wandering around picking up sticks of yummy nibbles, and lusting over the sweet stuff. My favourite was definitely the little coconut milk ice drinks! Such a refreshing treat whilst out for such long hours wandering the streets! 


Made our way to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, and the views across Barcelona were insane. Found a few beautiful details amongst the art pieces, but I actually wasn't blown away by this art musuem. The walk back down into Barcelona had a lot more to see.

The big one. Sagrada Famalia. And a crane. Or two.


Photos don't do it justice, and it's not even half finished. The stone was so beautifully carved, it looked almost organic - like bleached coral. It was definitely a departure from the usual architecture of churches! And the glass. The glass! I have no words to describe the colours, it was glorious. 

The doors in and out of Sagrada Familia were amazing on their own! Made of gorgeous sculpted metal, with lots of tiny little insects and spiders tucked away amongst the leaves and flowers. The colour was incredible - a luminous seagreen. The back doors had these fantastic metal imprints of precious objects - keys, crown of thorns, coins. You could see the golden hue that comes from thousands of visiting fingertips. 

Park Guell was incredible! There were a lot of stunning views, but I was far more captivated by the tiny little details of the tiles hidden away. En masse, the tiles were chaotic and unstructured but getting in closer there was so much thought and care in the arrangements and patterns mixed together. 

To say goodbye, a little carved creature looking bored at the side of Sagrada Famalia! Love from Barcelona!