The Fabrics and Fashion of Barcelona!

It's probably a very good thing I didn't seek out a haberdashery shop until the last evening of our trip in Barcelona. We had oversaturated ourselves on art and culture, so we agreed to roam the shops on our last day. It turns out there's a handful of fantastic fabric shops in Barcelona, and they're open pretty late by English standards. We thought we would seek them out, figure out what kind of fabric to expect and then find dinner before returning the day after. 

I'm so glad we did that, because I think my brain might have blown up otherwise. I've never been to such huge fabric stores! Or such well stocked fabric stores! I had my mind blown in London when I saw how much fabric they crammed into the sprawling backrooms, but this was on a different level. 

There was some gorgeous fabrics to be seen, but almost no way to see every single one. That's probably a good thing though, I was far too hyperactive and excited to absorb things in a sensible way. I actually had to ask my partner to take me out of the shop, just so I could think about what I needed and not what I wanted, and return the next day with an action plan. 

I ended up picking up some bits and pieces I needed for paused projects - and I'm kicking myself for not bring a colour match with me! - and choosing a gorgeous Japanese cotton painted with Koi carp in navy and grey tones to make myself a quilted skirt for the second half of winter ( more on that after Christmas!)


It wasn't just the fabric stores themselves that I was getting excited about. Being in such a fashionable city, it meant there was a lot of amazing fashion displays to see in the windows of shops. Some were inspiring, chic, stylish... others were just bizarre. 

These two tartan dreams were in the windows of the biggest fabric shop I've ever been in. I thought they were both really fun and exciting - a mixture of bold colours and textures overlapping each other. Maybe it's just me, but it reminded me of shortbread biscuit tins! 

Some of the shop windows spotted on our travels - loved this mustard and emerald green combo, and I am obsessed with tigers so this display made me purr! 

Went foraging for vintage finds in a flea market, and found every colour and pattern of fabric you could ever want (as long as what you want is plaid, tartan and hawaiian florals!!)

I had no idea what was going on here... but I loved it. But this wasn't the weirdest thing we saw.

I mean... it's amazing, of course! It's a giant fuzzy fashion yeti! I have no idea why, but I'm so happy this is a thing. 


Oh, and a pineapple. Because why not.