The Street Art of Barcelona!

We spent a huge amount of our time in Barcelona simply picking a direction and walking in it. Winding our way through side streets and back alleys, following the natural layout of the city, and exploring all the little shops and street corners we came across. 

This meant, more than anything, we kept running into graffiti. It was everywhere. On electrical boxes, on every doorway, every shop shutter, sign street, postbox... Not just spray paint and tags, but street art too - painted, papercraft, stickers, ceramic tiles... 

It was pretty amazing. You'd have no idea if you'd turn the corner to find a stencil art piece of Amy Winehouse in monochromatic shapes, or a messy spray painted banner declaring 'Tourist go home!'. 


We had such a wonderful time exploring Barcelona, and documenting it in our different styles! Such a wonderful city - so glad we got to experience it!