I have a lot of fabric scraps. It's a common issue a lot of fabric lovers have, and there are plenty of those Rainy Day projects on Pinterest and the like to help with those little odds and ends that are too big to throw away, and yet too small to be useful. 

I usually end up using them for ears or snouts on my minis, but I also came up with another handy little way to recycle them. All you need is some felt, some wire and some scraps. 

Moths! Moths everywhere! 

I wanted to make these little guys a quick little sew, using up scraps and playing with textures but still possessing the same vibrant charm all the Toad toys have. They're a little bit more 'crafty' than my other pieces, but that just adds to the strange heartwarming bump and buzz around the lightbulb. 

These little guys have little furry mohawks and wire twisted feet. These six were made to work as stand alone toys, but later versions have only the one piece of wire and have been sold as tree decorations [or just decorations, whatever snacks on your sweaters]. 

I particularly enjoyed this little project, because it's nice to get a little scruffy and rough around the edges - whilst still being playful with my combinations and inventive with my hot glue gun. 99% of the time everything I do is hand sewn, but I did have some help securing the mohawks. I really wanted them to be a quick little 20 minute make, so I broke out the glue. 

Here is a whole host of the little guys nestled on my Christmas holly garlands at a market during the festive period. Aren't they a treat? 

The Moths will be appearing on Etsy in the next day or so.