Getting Ready For Christmas - Foxes

I'm blogging this in February - that has to tell you something. 

Actually, it should tell you a few things. Firstly, December is a terrifying month for craft makers. Secondly, social media takes a backseat to frantic making. And lastly, it takes me a while to recover from the festive period. 

So anyway, let's talk about foxes. 

I love my little fox pattern, it's cute and quirky. I love the little perky ears and the black socks - particularly the little black socks! 

I'd love to be able to make this pattern smaller, to add to my gallery of Teeny Tinies but it's such a fiddly little pattern. This is probably as small as my little scamps are going to get [but you never know, I might surprise myself... or make myself cry, whichever comes first]. 

I called these little guys Nox and Sol, which are names my boyfriend came up with. I was very pleased to see them go home as a pair at the Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge.