Getting Ready For Christmas - Stegs

And we continue with everyone's second favourite dinosaur after velociraptors. 

I would probably rate my stegosaurus design in my top three of my designs - I love the shy little faces and the stumpy tails. This design is really great for bright and contrasting colours, one of the first ones I made was electric blue with vibrant orange spikes [he had an eyepatch and we called him Nick Fury]. These two little guys were called Sage and Tetris. Guess which one was which.  

Tetris got snapped up at the Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge, so Sage has become friends with the vegetarian T-rex Monty III. They play a lot of chess. Monty uses one of those plastic reacher grabber things to move the pieces. Also they don't know the rules. It's magical to watch. 



I'm working on making both my dinosaur patterns miniature designs to sell along my tiny pigs and penguins. So far the T-rex is tiny and adorable, albeit a little top heavy, and the steg is coming along pretty well. They've got a little bit of an underbite but they're pretty cute. I'm sure photos will turn up in the next month or so... I hope.