Penguins are really stupid animals. I mean, really - think about it. They live way down on the bottom of the Earth where there's no Internet and it's super dry and really cold and really, really bright. They have knees but they've evolved into blubbery pillars of fat that waddle all over the places, regardless of the hilarious results. They can't fly, they can't sing, they can barely move. 

Ok, so they can swim. They swim so well, it's often described as flying underwater - which admittedly it pretty cool. Also, they wear tuxedos. Well, the bird version of a tuxedo. It's not like they're going down the red carpet at the Oscars anytime soon, but they at least make more of an effort than pigeons do. 

I'm not super into penguins, which seems strange since they're one of my best sellers. I like elephants, I love foxes, I'm planning to adopt a pig, and yet I've never really liked penguins. So why make them? 

Because they're fat, stubborn, fancy dressed little weirdoes. And I like that.