I work for a few theatre companies here or there. I started off working the door, selling programmes before being thrust into the lighting box and learning how to program a lighting deck. Then, I ended up making props. Then headdresses. And then, finally, the costumes themselves. 

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail of work I've done and who for - if I'm honest, it's best if I don't start talking about the theatre companies I've been tied to in the past, it might not paint the most beautiful masterpiece - but I am going to post a photo set of the fabrics I've been playing with! 

I love working for the stage, I get to make things I never would think to make otherwise - huge bejewelled sunburst canopies, gold embroidered flowing gowns, colourful panelled jackets made with corduroy, wool, velvet! And let's not forget the head pieces - an endless sea of golden organza to create the veil to end all veils, wooden crowns wrapped in white and woven with pearls and ivy, a woven redwood and copper wire crown topped with flame coloured flowers and golden fairy light orbs. 

Hopefully, I'll have some photos of my work in action and onstage to show off soon, but until then I only have the tiny details.