Strawberry Fair!

So there's a thing called Strawberry Fair in Cambridge. It happens every year on the Midsummer Common and it's a brilliant day out. 

It's a free one day music festival in the heart of Cambridge, running along the river. It has different stages for musicians and singers, an artist's area, food and drinks, activities and - of course - stalls! 

This was my first year trading at Strawberry Fair and not just running around dressed as a fairy with a bottle of cider hidden in my bag. It was a stressful few days running up the fair, not just finishing all my little mini monsters but keeping one wary eye on the weather forecast. You can imagine how I felt on Thursday when it was forecasting a thunderstorm! 

But the great British summer was defiantly unpredictable again, as the day started overcast and fair, only to turn awkwardly humid around midday before the sun broke through in the afternoon - to the sounds of cheers from the whole fair. Luckily for everyone selling that day, the good mood of the Fair wasn't as cloudy as the morning, with people out in droves and looking to get their hands on something unique and funky to buy/wear/balance on their heads. 

I had a great day of chatting to interesting people, eating donuts and strawberries, dancing along to the sound of drums and throat singing and - of course - selling toys!

I was armed with a whole host of  teacup pigs, and a herd of baby elephants, but I was also debuting my four new designs of dinosaurs and a last minute addition of a tiny ice blue dragon with iridescent wings and tummy! It was a great day for me and the toys, with loads of them going home with festival-goers and even more cards being handed out! We were also selling our friend company Kameleon Kids along with the toys - because who doesn't love tie-dye baby clothes?! 

I was very lucky to have my partner along to help me, as well as visits from a lot of our friends in Cambridge. It also gave me a much better idea what to do to prepare for next year!

1. Sun screen!
2. Make some sort of headwear to sell on the stall, like a flower crown with strips of fabric.
3. £20 spent on a gazebo is never wasted money - come rain or shine! 
4. Stepladders are better than shelves. 

God bless you Strawberry Fair! May you stay as weird and as wacky for many more years to come!