Life, uh, finds a way!

I'm going to cut across the usual rambling introduction and exposition, and just tell you that dinosaurs are cool

Seriously. Dinosaurs are the coolest, rad-est, most totally awesome animals ever. They were huge, stupid, scale-y, possibly brightly coloured and ridiculous. They had stupid long necks, stupidly short arms, and probably more teeth than strictly necessary.

Thank God they were around way before we were, because otherwise they'd probably look a lot less like idiots with bad cosmetic surgery, and a lot more like  what we look like to chicken nuggets. 

Anyway, I designed some dinosaur toys. Four, in fact.

The stegosaurus is my favourite. I don't have a specific reason why they're my favourite, but they are, and I like to make sure the other toys all know their place. 

The mini steg is between 4 and 5 inches long, and a few inches tall, and has felt spikes along it's back. 

Everyone else's favourite seems to be the one with the worst reputation. I guess that goes to show you, everyone loves a bad boy. 

The mini T -rex is an oxymoron, and also so stupid that they all have one name and share it respectively. That name is Monty. Monty is between 4 and 5 inches tall with a weighted tail for balance, big goofy teeth and tiny little reptile hands that are nervously held together like he's awkwardly waiting about to ask you to prom.

Add a flower and he's a reckless big-headed bad boy with a soft, sensitive side that only you can see. A real hit with the ladies. And the men. And everyone. 


So there are two possible outcomes here. The first is you immediately went 'Oh, cool, it's a brontosaur,' and are also immediately wrong. The second is you recognised the noble brachiosaur for the long necked, upright, glorious creature that it is and said "Oh, cool, it's a brachiosaur. How could anyone ever get such a magnificent creature mixed up with the ridiculous outtake of evolution that is the brontosaur,". 

If it makes you feel better about your awful, awful mistake - you are not alone. I also feel bad about your awful, awful mistake. 


The mini brachiosaur is six inches tall and has a weird little ridge thing on top of it's head, which looks cute but is fiddly to sew. 

Fun fact about the mini plesiosaur - it's really hard to photograph. 

Oh, and it may not may not be the Loch Ness Monster. We here at Patchwork Toad don't like to focus on unsubstantiated rumours, or tabloid hearsay, choosing instead to focus on the hard lines and facts of the story. And the facts are that this mini design is four inches tall, and just over four inches long. Also, they have cute tummies. 

Tummies which are even harder to photograph. 



All of these mini dinosaurs are available online to buy custom made from the Patchwork Toad Etsy page. I'll be updating the website to show them off as well. Maybe. If I get around to it before the next mass extinction.