Church Farm

I want to start posting photos and ideas I've picked up from everywhere - from the real world, from the Internet, magazines, where ever I might find it. I plan to give credit to the original artists, photographers, accounts etc. It's more of a visual record for myself and anyone reading to see through my eyes and follow my thought process. 

I grab all sort of images from all over, and often they relate to ideas I've only started working with in my head, or just things I think are pretty or interesting. Every so often, I will focus on an artist or process in particular, but often it's just all random or fragmented. 

I'm going to start with a few images from our yearly camping trip from this year. I'm particularly drawn to the colours of the landscape, the burning gold grass and the turmoil of the storm clouds. I also really enjoyed being able to hear and see the sheep so close. The colours of the landscape and the back and forth from the sheep reminded me a lot of home, and growing up on the farm on the coast of New Zealand.