The Hogs of Horror

If you follow my work or my blog - and let's be honest, it's only me at this point - you'll probably have noticed I am not a good photographer. Pretty much anytime a photo turns out decent, it's either technology making me look less terrible or a complete fluke. This will become more obvious when I start posting photos of my dressmaking skills... 

Anyway, back to toys for now. 

Following Horrorcon 2016, I didn't have a lot of photos of my actual pigs to show you. In this case, it wasn't for a lack of trying! I was sewing all the way up to the start of the convention (and throughout the first morning too) and photos were the last thing on my mind. When I actually got around to taking some, I found the overhead lights in the convention space were pretty crazy and every photo I took was blurry, blown out or both. 

So - over a month since the convention - I gathered up my little creatures and did a follow up shoot with my remaining monsters in a little wooded grove. I could make excuses for the terrible light balance and repetitive background, but moving around easily is not a talent I possess and no one's reading this anyway so let's just look at some pigs! 


( Sidebar: Why pigs? Well the long answer is because of Hannibal Lector, and Mason Verger's man eating hogs, and Lord of Flies, and Jigsaw's pig head, and because it's a well known trope that pigs are merciless and eat body parts and bones and all that - what other animals match being so delicious and crispy with being gut-wrenchingly terrifying? The short answer is because pigs are my easiest sewing pattern to alter and still look like pigs. The even short answer is BECAUSE PIGS ARE GREAT. )

The first thing I did when I got down to some serious sewing was to go to my fabric and pull out every single Halloween, candy, creepy critters and blood splatter fabric I had before making an army of mini pigs of every single one. These guys didn't have any special alterations, so they were more of cute side of creepy. 

Next up are my Jack o Lantern pigs! These little guys were actually the first monster pigs I finished, and one of the easiest alters to do. Bright orange Halloween fabric, a few stripes thrown in there and hand stitched Jack o Lantern grins! Oddly enough, those little green top hats took a lot longer to figure out than the rest of the bits. 

My mummy pigs! I wanted to do all of the classic horror movie villains first, as there's something complete about the series. I love the whole lore around the Mummy - and I'll forgive the less than amazing movies - and I really wanted to do some pigs wrapped in bandages.


I really loved these little weirdos. Black, white and gold are some of my favourite colours (along with all the these of them), so I really loved the contrast of the little bones against the black. I also find the little eye pits really cute, with just a little shine from the eyes glinting out. I was lucky enough to find their backbones in a charity clothes sale, a whole mess of white beaded necklaces that were all tangled together in this huge knot, someone had put a note on them just saying '20p. Please.' and I picked it up and said to myself 'Yes. Yes, this is a good idea.'

One of the things I appreciated the most with my horror pigs was the ability to do raw edges and leave things a little messy. Any top stitching I did could be rough and erratic, edges could be left alone to do their own thing, sometimes I didn't even need eyes! I especially loved making these little zombie pigs because bright pink, purple and electric green are some of my favourite colours (along with all the rest of them) and getting to mix and match them randomly was a relief, compared to my usual process of getting stressed over fabric tones not matching exactly. 

Best til last! 

I love werewolves. Again, this is another movie monster with only a handful of decent wolf flicks to balance out the tirade of trash, but that means nothing when you're talking about a monster that's just so damn cool. I knew I wanted to make pigs that were werewolf inspired, but had a kind of wild bore feeling to them too. These guys had fabric bellies and ears, but super soft fur coats and full on faux fur mohawks! I hand made the little tusks too, the same way as I made the claws for the Monster Paws! 

These monsters were definitely my favourite of the whole bunch, I had six altogether - black, grey, two browns, an electric blue and a purple. I remember showing the designs to my partner and he said something like:

"Do you think a blue werepig is going to make sense?"

To which I said:

"Shut up, and of course,"

So I do have a handful of other monster pigs that i didn't include in this shoot - the Pinhead pigs, the Terminator pigs and the vampire bat pigs. I'm hoping to find a more architectural background for them, maybe something metallic. 

Already thinking about new monsters I can make for the next horror fest. I didn't get a chance to make the Feegee mermaids I had designed, or the Monkey Paw, or the sugar skulls, but hopefully those will be unearthed in the sequel...