The King of the Jungle

I received this commission back in July, and was really excited to work with it alongside Sheba the tiger. It was at the same time I was moving my commissions into a new direction, and I was happy to get a mirror commission to Sheba. 

This is Logan the lion. I made him from a glorious palette of golden yellows and terracotta, and hand stitched paw pads onto his feet. I made him childsafe, meaning he had no small parts such as eyes or a nose. Instead I carefully hand embroidered the features on, adding the embellishments around his eyes and minky around his ears. 

The last part - and my favourite - is his mane. I used a very high quality faux fur in a Red Fox pattern to stitch a mane and sideburns on, and very carefully anchored it in place. I went over the edges in embroidery thread. 

He's a gorgeous little creation, and I loved making and photographing him. He's very easy to hold and run your fingers through his mane, I was really pleased with how he turned out!

Unfortunately the customer who commissioned him hasn't responded to me in a very long time, after expressing his happiness with the result and asking me to send it straight to the intendee myself. I'm not sure what's become of him, as he's been a regular customer in the past. Sadly, until he gets back in touch, Marcus is going to be spending some more time with me. I may put him up for sale, something I'd rather not have to do but when needs must! 

Until his fate is decided, here's some photos of Logan to enjoy:


I almost forgot I left a place marker bit of text here that just said 'Lions lions liooooons' so you could have had that to look forward to! Instead, here's some details of Logan's embellishments - his paw pads, his hand-stitched features and his mane.