Artemis and Apollo

The very first tiger and black panther I made were two bold and beautiful cuddly toys - but they were also huge compared to the toys I make now! I was still learning about pattern drafting, applique  and all the rest of the techniques I now use to create colourful little creatures, and these two beauties were an important step for me in the direction I wanted to go. 

You'll have to forgive the photo quality. Unfortunately for me, I was never a good photographer and that hasn't improved - now I just ask my talented friends to take my photos!

Following my successful experiments with Sheba (previously on Patchwork Toad...), I had a chance to steal Artemis and Apollo away from their lovely adoptive owner and give them a little make over. 

So Apollo the tiger ended up with a pretty dramatic winged eyeliner look, and a series of hand stitched stripes across his forehead and neck - turning him into a little drag queen, but a fierce one at that! Artemis on the other hand went with an intense dark look of purple and black tribal shapes across her eyes, with just a touch of hot pink. 

I think the main thing to take away from this is that my friends can't trust me with their stuffed animals, and I'm blatantly a hilarious person to be around with a needle in my hand. Take that how you will.