Moon Fruit Skirt

I'm really excited to share this project. I've been moving my skills into the dressmaking world for a while now, and I keep seeing beautiful clothes out there in the Internet that I've wanted in my wardrobe. Sometimes price tags can be a bit off-putting, and open up a challenge instead... 

I saw a beautiful red and green watermelon skirt on the Unique Vintage Instagram- everyone who's been around me in the last year or so has noticed my mild obsession with watermelons - and knew I wanted to give it a go. It was a simple sew, but the challenge would come from dip dyeing that lovely ombre effect. 

Only, whilst I knew I very much wanted to have a go at the traditional watermelon colours, I thought it might be fun to switch it up a bit... 

So it's not perfect - but when is anything really? - but overall I think it's pretty fabulous! A beautiful vibrant magenta colour, giving way to a cool deep blue - and hand stitched velvet polka dots for seeds!

But that's not all! Turns out finishing off zips is not my speciality, so I thought I would make it a feature rather than an embarrassment. 

I always love spending some time hand stitching, whether it's embroidery or beading - and I thought a little bit of sparkle would really finish the skirt off. This little seed bead beauty clips across the top of the zip and rests at the base of my spine when I'm twirling around being a watermelon fairy. 

Only - this isn't just a watermelon skirt. This is something better - something weird and wonderful and wacky. This is my Moon Fruit Skirt! 

All original photos done by Simon Jeffery. Other photo from Unique Vintage website.