Mill Road Winter Fair 2016

Hello again toy lovers!

So I'm back from the indescribable New Zealand and back on UK soil, and fully over my jet lag, but alas life has piled up on top of me again! I immediately got to work seeking out a different part time job to start saving for future adventures, and have now found myself in a gorgeous little travel themed cafe. Such a lovely stereotype - starving artist type working in a coffee shop to make ends meet and living off paint chips and noodles. Alongside that, a few friends of mine and I have started scheming on several very exciting large scale projects that I hope to be able to show off within the year!

More on those later. First - Mill Road Winter Fair! I had the fair six days before I was due to hop on a plane and disappear, and I had so much to plan and arrange that I didn't get a chance to make any new designs to show off. I still had plenty of elephants, pigs and paws in my stock bag but I think a mixture of lack of diversity and a noticeable back scaling on my table decorations meant that my sales suffered a little bit. 

I don't blame anyone but myself - and I owe the good people of Mill Road an apology for phoning in such a brilliant fair. And to this end, I've resolved to make sure that MRWF2017 is my best and most diverse year yet! Yes, that's right - it's only March and I'm already planning Christmas!!

I've been pushing myself to make all of my current designs into micro toys, because I honestly do believe the best things come in small packages, so I'm hoping to be able to show mini lions, tigers and leopards very soon - and tiny horses (which naturally lead into tiny zebras, stags and - best of all - unicorns!!). Ideally I'm hoping to have the complete set of the African savannah micros - giraffes, rhinos, hippos, cheetahs and even a crocodile if I can manage it! 

I've also been stock piling fabrics for something I started last year and need to tackle properly this year - micro dragons! I'm so excited for all these little creatures, I even ordered myself some new photography equipment just to be able to show them off properly. I will conquer my terrible photography skills, I will! 

Ok, enough talk - let's see some toys! Only got a handful of photos from this year's MRWF but the sunlight and the bright patchwork colours really radiated.