Inspiration #5

Who doesn't love rainbow hair? 

It's a serious question. Who doesn't love rainbow hair? Because if you don't (even in theory), then I'm not sure if we can be friends. At very least, you're not going to love this post! 

If we're talking about multicoloured locks, we can't not mention the incredible Flickr of Wisely Chosen. She did a blog highlighting her rainbow adventures for a couple of years - spanning every colour in the spectrum, as well as styles. I was fixated on her hair when I was a teenager - I wanted the vibrancy and the curls too, and she had beautiful clear skin and nails to accentuate her majestic mane. This was pure eye candy!

But if anyone is going to take the crown for unicorn coloured bountiful curls, it has to go to @studiomucci from Instagram! This amazing woman has been making my morning scroll through Instagram so much more positive and colourful and I am in love with her big personality and her big hair!

So that's the rainbow hair, but how about rainbow wigs? 

I have a total girl crush on Willam Belli. She's a fantastic entertainer who specialises in dirty drag and even dirtier jokes. She also has the best rainbow wigs I've ever seen. You can check her out online or on her show the Beatdown on Youtube- but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. 


But there are a lot more beauties out there in the internet (and the world, I guess) enjoying their bleach and manic panic purchases. This gorgeous girl is @thehotcocoa, who I happily stumbled upon on Instagram. Sometimes a rainbow doesn't have to have every colour to be so utterly stunning! 

And how about some turquoise sea green? Offset with some pink, it becomes the perfect watermelon waves! And I am completely obsessed with watermelons at the moment - in mind, spirit, body and hair! 

I'm not sure if I could ever keep up with these gorgeous women and their hair journeys, as I've spent the last three years growing out all my bleach and getting it back as soft and natural as possible. But that doesn't mean I can't lust over it!

May all your dreams be rainbows!