Inspiration #7

What do you get if you combine a talent for tailored dressmaking, a love of cosplay and comic books - and maybe even a passion for cooking? 

The answer? Geeky aprons! Aprons for the girl or guy who loves to dress up like a super hero and whip up a batch of super villain cookies. Not into super heroes? Ok, how about Doctor Who? Or maybe Alice in Wonderland? 

There's something completely genius about these - not only as they beautifully detailed and cute as cupcakes, but I love the fact that you can get this level of layered detail without having to worry about fitting on hips or a bust! Nothing quite like clever dressmaking that doesn't need to rely on the inches! 

Plus, who can say no to a full skirt? It's a little bit 50s, with just a touch of domestic goddess sprinkled in. 

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