Inspiration #8

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I've seen broken ceramic tiles that have a perfect balance of colour and spider cracks across the surface. Or a vase of tulips with that shaken out look the petals get as they start to droop. Maybe a series of small pleats in the insert pocket of a mini skirt, or a pattern of beads across a neckpiece. 

I spend a lot of time on a site called Imgur, an image sharing website where people can share countless photos with each other. Most of the posts there are jokes or memes, but there's frequently large posts of illustration or amazing photography from all over the world. Unfortunately crediting the artist or photographer isn't the first port of call for reposters, and these images are ones I saved to my phone months ago. 

I'm particularly drawn to the high contrast of colours in these images, and the overabundance of ornate beading in the decoration and clothing. This style of embellishment is something we don't see enough of in the western world - along with this celebration of colours and textures.