Inspiration #10

I'm having a little love affair with the idea of netting at the moment. Whether it's peeking out from under a skirt to create a voluminous explosion of colour, or draping down the back of a bride's gown, or even embroidered with little details - I can't get enough of it!
I've been daydreaming about outfits I could make with the soft kind of netting - overskirts and veils and hidden details.

Have a look at some of the gorgeous things I've stumbled upon on my search for netting. 


This gorgeous tea party dress is just so breath-taking - it's like a fantasy garden all wrapped up and hidden away in a memory, with the romantic colour of the cream netting and the cascade of ivy. This style of dress is very well-known anyway, being a little bit vintage and a little bit swing dance, so by including all these fake flowers and leaves just adds a level of whimsy to it that's just so inspiring! I would love to add this kind of look to my wardrobe, but I probably need the right event first! 

How can a garment be so daring and show so much body, whilst also being so demure and sophisticated at the same time? This is the type of dress that relies on having a beautiful figure to do all the work for you - with the netting and the delicate appliques of butterflies just adding little touches to the finished look. I'm particularly taken with the shape of her undergarment, how the triangular angles across his hips and bust mirror each other, and then again the netting coming to the elbows. I'm also reminded of some of the fashions I've seen on my favourite TV show - Rupaul's Drag Race - especially Bob the Drag Queen's movie premiere runway and Courtney Act's butterfly gown. Both embraced the idea of hidden nudity, one with netting and the other with strategically placed butterflies. 

I was thinking about veils for ages last month, for two reasons - firstly because I've been thinking about the imagery of the Virgin Mary, and secondly because they are such a simple and effective tool at translating a look into a whole other world of fantasy and elegance and mystery. I was particularly excited about the idea of embroidered veils, or veils with some kind of attachments or added elements - flowers or sparkles. I spent a fair few evenings wandering around the web in search for veils that could sate my lust, and only found a handful to match what I was picturing - including this evocative photo of a lady bathed in shadow and swathed in her endless veil, the small touches of red adding a feeling of seduction and danger to it - like a black widow poised at the centre of her web, waiting. 

I have a few more I want to share, but I will leave them for a different post as they lead down a whole different path of thinking.