Inspiration #11

Who else loves the floor? It's great. Sometimes it's sand, or cobble stones, or hard word. Sometimes it's at a stupid angle, and everything dropped on it rolls away to lurk under a couch somewhere. Sometimes it's carpeted and you don't have to wear slippers for every freezing cold moment of your life. Sometimes it's really pretty. 

Ok, I'm being facetious, but let me awkwardly segue into my point: there are often really beautiful things to be found by looking down. Just the other day, whilst running through a carpark in my heels to pay for a parking ticket I forgot to get on my way to being fashionably late to a wedding, I spotted a gorgeous and very dead giant moth. So naturally, I had to stop and take a few photos of it for my never ending supply of reference photos [the wedding was lovely too]. That's a slightly different example than the ones I've collected here - these ones are all beautiful ceramics, set apart from the boring grey around them to delight anyone who stumbles [or deliberately stands on top of] upon them!

The Instagram account I Have This Thing With Floors has a lot of examples in their feed, but a few of these jumped out as my favourites. 

But seriously - what is this trend of showing off the floor with your feet planted in the middle of it? I guess it's the show you were actually there, and to give some context to where you found it - and possibly also to show off your rather stylish choice in footwear - but it's a very bizarre trend and it irks me. 

This one is my absolute favourite, and I stupidly cropped out the account I found it on months ago. I have a deep love of star shapes in any form of imagery, I'll probably delve into that another day, but these two shades of green and blue mixed together are so beautifully balanced. I've come back to this image time and time again to draw inspiration from it. 

Even the cracks and shattered empty spaces are perfectly formed, like intentional mistakes. And again - of course - feet. Thank you Instagram. You may be my favourite way to waste time, but you have definitely developed your own culture and it's not nessecarily all Instaworthy. 

[edit: just found out where the floor with the stars is, and it's somewhere in Hollywood and I'm going to get to track it down next year! Expect a joyful selfie!]