Seafoam Green

I accidentallly deleted the first draft of this blog post. 

It's actually very frustrating, because I'm finding concentrating and writing a little challenging due to some personal issues, and I was pretty happy with what I wrote! I started with this little introduction about this being the year of bears, and then elaborating on how much I enjoyed designing my bears to have traditional elements, but to be off the wall and colourful in every other respect. I then segue [albeit a little inelegantly] into a paragraph about how collaboration can take these traditional and quirky attributes and elevate them into the perfect keepsake toy. 

I also had a brief divergence about the difficulties of matching a white or light coloured fur, with darker or busier fabrics and how mismatched and unbalanced it can look. That's not strictly very relevant, but it's a lesson I've learnt as a toymaker who graduated from two dimensional design into three dimensional soft sculpture, and it's a thought I might come back to at a later date potentially. 

Regardless, the whole original post was carefully written and used a lot of words I enjoy, and you would have loved it. Trust me on this. 

Anyway, let's talk about seafoam green fabrics: 

An old friend from high school got in touch with me. She sees my little keepsakes pop up online now and again, and wanted a teddybear made for the newest member of her family. A video call with my fabric stash had her picking out the exact fabrics she wanted, a service I'm very happy to offer to anyone wanting something perfect for a loved one. Originally she wanted white or light coloured fur, so it was more of a polar bear look, but this is where that divergence of white fur/dark fabrics came into play, and we agreed that I would go hunting online and offer her some alternatives. 

I buy most, if not all, my fur from Plush Addict. They have a warehouse I've been dying to go visit an hour up the road, but the website is amazing too - and the range of colours for their synthetic fur plush cuddle is brilliant. The fur itself is super soft, very easy to work with and adds so much more tactile enjoyment of the finished toy that I have been incorporating more and more of it into my creations for years now. Out of the four little samples I ordered, all of which were stunning, both myself and my friend agreed that the seafoam green was the winner. It's just shy of mint green, with a little bit more cool blue in it than white, and very soon the bear began to take shape! 

This dapper young bear is called Quincy, and he is a very handsome and charming little gent. You can probably tell how fond I was of Quincy, and the colour of this incredible seafoam green fur from just how many pictures of him I took. 

I'm still not any closer to being a world famous photographer, but luckily for me Quincy looks great in most settings, particularly in my sister's newly furnished and gorgeous home. I mean, even her cushions are just fabulous. 

The bear's good too. 

Quincy was made with seafoam green plush cuddle from Plush Addict, and handpicked fabrics including a Michael Miller cotton in mint, and a beautiful teal with contrasting orange flowers and parakeets, all edged with gold metallic ink. I hand stitched the smile, and his heart shaped nose and gold eyes were carefully picked. I also hand-stitched the gold edging on the top of his ears and the toe bean pads on his paws.