Love Letters

So I had this idea bouncing around my head for a while now, and I'm still working out the details. I've been making map elephants for a while now, and they've always been pretty popular. I've been making them in a variety of colours, but the sepia ones have been the most successful. 

I had this idea of highlighting the countries in thread for people as travel souvenirs, but the idea kind of evolved into something a little different.

Ok, bit weird, but go with me here: anyone remember that phase when people were mailing fruit and veg in the post to each other? Like just a whole potato, with a stamp stuck on, and an address written on it? 

I thought I could make an elephant that looked like a manilla envelope, and add a fabric postage stamp/post mark and embroider an address on it. I thought it would be a cute way to send someone some love, like a postcard in the shape of an adorable elephant! I have this little habit of sending my friends weird postcards and letters, and I put stickers all over the envelopes and write speech bubble jokes and colour things in and doodle little stars all over them, and apply liberal use of the gold ink pens in my collection. I thought by applying my little illustrative quirks to the elephant in thread, it would add a little bit of unique charm!

The idea evolved a little bit more, and instead of the whole address [because who lives in the same house year on year anymore? People with mortgages and real jobs to pay for them, that's who], I thought I would add a little personal message instead, like on a postcard. 

I also toyed with the idea of adding a little luggage tag with the address and the real stamps required for sending love the old fashioned way, but I didn't for two reasons [ok, maybe three]. Firstly, I didn't think the Royal Mail would let me actually send a tiny elephant in the post. Secondly, I would be worried about it getting dirty or snagged! And thirdly, anyone else think a luggage tag around the neck of a small loved one being sent away by themselves is a little too... Blitzy?

Not a word. Nevermind. 

Tiny elephants!!! 

I'm hoping to have these little guys online to buy custom made very soon! 


These photos aren't great - sorry toy lovers!