Patchwork Toad is a bespoke service, taking the thoughts and desires of the client and translating them into a design, creating beautiful handmade toys that will last a lifetime. The first step to starting the process of owning a unique toy is to get in touch, using the form below. 

Get in Touch if you:

  • Have a toy you want made for yourself or a loved one. 
  • Have a query about pricing or custom ordering. 
  • Have an idea you would like to discuss, even if it's just the seedling. 
  • Really love toys.  

Start prices for each design are listed on the gallery pages, but Patchwork Toad can understand that you may want a more exact figure for a custom order. We will do everything we can to accommodate this, but it is difficult to predict the exact price of a toy until it is finished. Patchwork Toad will require a nonrefundable deposit before work can begin. 


While the shop is being kitted out, please use the form below to ask me about my existing stock. Have a look on my Facebook page for current toys for sale.  

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